welcome to the new world

I'm awfully glad you're here

Dear you,

You have likely noticed that this month’s missive is not coming to you from tinyletter—and you would be correct in your noticing. I’ve made the switch over to Substack for a few reasons, which you know, knowing my chatty self, I’m about to tell you.

First, Substack has a better interface than tinyletter; as I’ve been a digital media founder for the last year (said not to brag but to illustrate how much I’ve had to learn to do myself in a short period of time), I’ve upped my game in terms of interactive material. My old newsletter, while a faithful friend for years, didn’t have the cool doodads and gadgets I wanted.

Second, I’ve been receiving a much higher demand for my writing prompts, classes, astrology readings, and all things Brightly Human. Substack allows me to streamline my efforts a little more—to help my workload, and to allow me to show up as brilliantly and humanly as I can in service of you. As such, those who are interested in the above (as well as discount codes, recordings of poems, seminars, lectures, etc) are welcome to become paying subscribers (see below). My regular newsletter is always free, of course. And. Your support allows me to keep serving the communities I’m serving— plus, you get treats and goodies for doing so*.

Third/last, I wanted the opportunity to collaborate with Diona West, who is one of my favorite new artists and graphic designers, on a logo and image for Brightly Human. Her beautiful work is what you see here—and I hope it’s the start of many more collaborations**.

So, pals, hello. Welcome to my new newsletter, welcome to March, and welcome to the next phase of this strange landscape/sick sad world we find ourselves in.

I love you. Joy is coming.


*you can become a paying subscriber here, or you’re welcome to support my work in other ways! Get an astrology reading, take a class, or buy my books. No money? No problem. Spreading the word about my work, newsletter, or services is invaluable. Thank you.

**how I met Diona is also a great story, but one I want to get her permission to tell.